The new crypto-ATM : legal, secure, customizable.

The new cripto-ATM working with *coins (litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin, dogecoin), fully customizable, ready to all kind of crypto currencies.

Mobicoin product sample

Fully engineered and produced in EU , respects all EU laws.

  1. Insert ID document
  2. Scan QR code
  3. Insert notes
  4. Get the receipt


Compact , customizable design : it is possible to buy a compact model or, if you have special case specification, we will build a special model just for you.

Legal : respects all EU laws.

Implement customizable wallet system: works with external exchange or with internal wallet. With internal wallet you have not to pay commissions to exchanges, in second case you do not have to manage the wallet.

Secure: engineered and produced by a team that produce since 20 years in electronic payment solutions.

Universal: work with ethereum, bitcoin and litecoin but we can implement all cryptocurrency you need.

Helpdesk and administrative office in EU: you will get an EU invoice!

Quick&Easy: in a couple of seconds the operation is completed.

Accessible: optional module for people with visual impearements

Quick shipping: the products are ready to ship.

Software is fully customizable.

Price as low as you cannot imagine!


Who is the owner of cryptocurrency credit?

Mobicoin is extermely flexible and has two options: interal wallet or exhange wallet. You can decide which one you prefer on your own and change it whenever you want.

Is it legal?

We have all certificates for these kind of equipments: CE and ROHS . The software fully respects EU directives for electronic payments.

What about warranty?

We provide EU standard 24 months warranty . The assistance department is located in Italy.

I would like to be a distributor, what about it?

Sure, we need distributors, contact us!

How can I set up rates?

Exhange rates are managed by backoffice or automatically retrieved from remote services. .

Which values are accepted?

All, the banknote acceptor is ready to all kind of values of the world.

Which protections are present?

Burglary resistant locking and moving sensor. The device automatically sends alerts in case of fraudolent events.

Brochure (In italian)

Mobicoin specifications in italian language

Price list

Mobicoin pricelist

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